A friend sent me the link to the most amazing photos.  Created by a very talented new photographer named Jamie. She and her fiancée create these unique images she calls “cinemagraphs” – more than a photo, but not quite a video.

Seamless, subtle and beautiful. This takes photography to a whole new level. Be sure to check out Jamie’s blog: From Me To You.


MOS is moving house. So from now until late November I sadly can not make any custom orders. Just to give you a little tasty morsel, here is a recent clutch bag I created to match a wedding outfit:

Feel free to place orders now. Christmas is just around the corner and I will get your order sent out to you in early December. Just in time for the silly season!

Although I love where I live, the exciting thing about moving is that I can finally set up a studio/sewing room. MOS, up until now, has been completely run from my office/lounge/dining room. I have always dreamed of a room, with cupboard space and a little bit of creative atMOSphere, to get the creative juices flowing!

Update time! If you haven’t visted myoriginalsin.net recently, please stop by and check out all the gorgeousness. Tis the season to be fascinated, for weddings and the races. You can follow us on Facebook and now on Twitter! MOS has 317 FB fans, which is fantastic but I am aiming for 500 in the new year, so please suggest to your friends. I’d love you to follow me (in a non-stalkerish way) and remember to leave a comment. I heart comments.

Take care lovelies!

Chantal xxx

Well, life has been crazy for me of late. It started with my long anticipated holiday to the South Pacific and has been a whirlwind ever since. I have quite a bit to share, so expect a few blog posts this week.

My holiday was awesome. Seven days cruising the South Pacific, to celebrate my friend’s 30th birthday. We enjoyed cocktails, food, beautiful beaches, martinis, cocktails, food, culture, cocktails, met some fun ppl and in case you were wondering, drank a lot of cocktails! The food was spectacular and honestly I would cruise again just for that!

Here is just a taste of what I saw, on one of the most memorable days, a tour to the secluded Lucelia Beach:

Paradise was very hard to leave!

Since returning (and gosh did that take some adjustment) I have been trying to balance real life with my dream life. Real life has been winning 😦 but dream life is doing its best to keep up. At the moment my digital art seems to have taken a bit of  back seat to my obsession with sewing. Sorry to those people that love it.  I have been getting creative with my clutch bags and even set up an online shop to sell them. Here are a couple of my latest designs:

This white flower clutch is so gorgeous! I had a vision of creating a beautiful white clutch with handmade flowers. Perfect as a wedding clutch or even just to dress up your jeans. I found this great tutorial by Mrs Priss that helped me to make the flowers. First attempt almost resulted in me burning the house down, so I’d advise having a bowl of water nearby if you try it out!

This is my ruffled, pleated clutch. I love this gorgeous script fabric! Actually it’s inspired me to make more things with beautiful old script. Stay tuned for that.

Finally, I have been busy setting up an online shop to sell my bags. Please stop by and check out all my other bags too. Pass the link on to your bag-loving friends – http://www.myoriginalsin.net and I’d love if you became a Facebook fan [click the link].

I hope you are all fabulous, happy and healthy.

Love MOS xxx

Just a quick post to send out some artist love to Norwegian artist Carambatack. I discovered her work by accident on Flickr today and I think I am in love. Her work is a mix of mediums, acrylics, ink, watercolours, paper on a variety of different canvases. I was so happy to find that she also she sells her gorgeous artwork as prints on Etsy and that she has a beautiful website. Although it’s in Norwegian, her artwork speaks volumes on its own:

Blue Butterflies by carambatack

Guardian Angel by carambatack

Memories by carambatack

Raven by carambatack

There is something surreal and whimsical about underwater photography. I recently discovered an artist that combines my love of fairytales with the most amazing underwater photography. German artist Jamari Lior produces the most amazing artwork. Not only beautiful underwater photography but artwork that really captivates your imagination and leaves you wanting more:

The Maiden’s Stride by Jamari Lior

Down The Rabbit Hole by Jamari Lior

Jamari explores a range of genres in her work and although she has an intriguing selection on her Redbubble portfolio, her blog offers even more insight in to her work. Although written in German, the artwork speaks for itself.

The Last Unicorns by Jamari Lior          White Dove by Jamari Lior

I’ve been sewing up a storm and finally I have some new clutch bags finished:

This fabric is amazing in the flesh. I don’t think it photographed well but the colours are just beautiful.

Buy it here: Stunning purple, teal butterfly clutch by myoriginalsin

Gorgeous black and white floral cotton canvas.

Buy me here: Stunning black & white clutch purse by myoriginalsin

I also do custom orders for weddings, bridesmaids, cocktail parties etc. Check out all my new clutches in a range of fabrics at: http://www.madeit.com.au/myoriginalsin

I have to admit, I am a little obsessed with home office and desk spaces. Which goes hand in hand with my obsession for stationery and office supplies. I would love to have a beautiful office space and I am considering a bit of a home reno, so I can make the dream a reality. I don’t have a big space, so I have been inspired by some beautiful, but small desk nook spaces:

Courtesy of ReadyMade

Courtesy of diyideas.com

Courtesy of Home Office Design Blog

Courtesy of Home Interior Design Blog