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Well I am really enjoying the challenge of finding a way to be creative everyday. Here’s my creativity for Days 1 – 5:

June 1 – Loved designing this business package for Tessa. Here is the business card I designed for her Etsy business. I love the vertical design and Tessa was a dream client! (I’m not sure why, but the colours are a little more “vibrant” then on the actual design)

June 2 – I created this Etsy banner to sell in my store. I am so in love with grey.

June 3 (my birthday) – One of my favourite quotes that I turned in to a cute little card design.

June 4 – These are some of the slides from the blog animation I am trying to create for myoriginalsin. So far I am liking the vintage scrapbook look. I just can’t get the animation to load on my blog yet. I am so blog unco.

June 5 – A gorgeous custom clutch that I designed for a customer. The fabric is from India and is just beautiful.

Bring on the next 5 days!

Love MOS x


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People always think it’s funny that I can sew clutch bags but I still buy them from other places. As much as I love making my bags, I am obsessed with collecting clutch bags in general. Like any good collector, I search far and wide for hidden, clutch bag treasures to add to my stash and what a collection I have!

It’s a challenge for me to find a gorgeous, handmade clutch bags, complete with cute lining. I’m a sucker for cute lining every time. So, when I saw this bag made by cindymars7, I knew I was in love! My clutch arrived today all the way from Colorado, USA and I have to say, the photos do not do it justice – it is lovely!

Of course, it was the lining that won me over in the end…



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Well, life has been crazy for me of late. It started with my long anticipated holiday to the South Pacific and has been a whirlwind ever since. I have quite a bit to share, so expect a few blog posts this week.

My holiday was awesome. Seven days cruising the South Pacific, to celebrate my friend’s 30th birthday. We enjoyed cocktails, food, beautiful beaches, martinis, cocktails, food, culture, cocktails, met some fun ppl and in case you were wondering, drank a lot of cocktails! The food was spectacular and honestly I would cruise again just for that!

Here is just a taste of what I saw, on one of the most memorable days, a tour to the secluded Lucelia Beach:

Paradise was very hard to leave!

Since returning (and gosh did that take some adjustment) I have been trying to balance real life with my dream life. Real life has been winning 😦 but dream life is doing its best to keep up. At the moment my digital art seems to have taken a bit of  back seat to my obsession with sewing. Sorry to those people that love it.  I have been getting creative with my clutch bags and even set up an online shop to sell them. Here are a couple of my latest designs:

This white flower clutch is so gorgeous! I had a vision of creating a beautiful white clutch with handmade flowers. Perfect as a wedding clutch or even just to dress up your jeans. I found this great tutorial by Mrs Priss that helped me to make the flowers. First attempt almost resulted in me burning the house down, so I’d advise having a bowl of water nearby if you try it out!

This is my ruffled, pleated clutch. I love this gorgeous script fabric! Actually it’s inspired me to make more things with beautiful old script. Stay tuned for that.

Finally, I have been busy setting up an online shop to sell my bags. Please stop by and check out all my other bags too. Pass the link on to your bag-loving friends – http://www.myoriginalsin.net and I’d love if you became a Facebook fan [click the link].

I hope you are all fabulous, happy and healthy.

Love MOS xxx

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I’ve been sewing up a storm and finally I have some new clutch bags finished:

This fabric is amazing in the flesh. I don’t think it photographed well but the colours are just beautiful.

Buy it here: Stunning purple, teal butterfly clutch by myoriginalsin

Gorgeous black and white floral cotton canvas.

Buy me here: Stunning black & white clutch purse by myoriginalsin

I also do custom orders for weddings, bridesmaids, cocktail parties etc. Check out all my new clutches in a range of fabrics at: http://www.madeit.com.au/myoriginalsin

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I am loving these gorgeous card wallets that I found by BCharmer on Etsy. Gorgeous fabrics combined with a unique triangular shaped flap = LOVE! BCharmer is on holidays at the moment, but as soon as she’s back I am going to buy one of these adorable purses.

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Just wanted to share the cute handmade tags I made for my clutch bags and purses.

Printed on textured, paper with my bubble-jet printer, I think they came out beautifully. Then I hole punched them, to tie the ribbon through and then I safety pin them carefully inside the lining.

myoriginalsin tag DSC01726

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Clutch bags…

My latest creative passion is making hand sewn clutch bags. Perfect for a night out on the town or even just to store your personal items in your handbag. I have one in my handbag just with band-aids, tissues, lip balm, nail clippers and girly items. Keeps it all in one handy place.

Sewn using gorgeous vintage inspired fabric, and buttons, fully lined and complete with a small internal pocket for cards or lippy. I can also custom-sew these clutch bags to match any outfit or occasion.

Price: AU$20.

To buy a clutch or for more information: Australian buyers: Made-It International buyers: Etsy

Teal Paisley Clutch A clutch of clutches :)

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