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Well it’s hard to believe that another year is over. My mum always said that the older you get, the quicker the years fly by and I am beginning to think she is right.

I am looking forward to 2010 and for that reason, I am not really that interested in saying goodbye to 2009 tonight. I have always found New Years Eve to be somewhat overrated.

For my final blog of 2009, I want to share with you the artwork for Kelly Smith. I am definitely not the first person to discover Kelly’s work but I am so in awe of it, that I just had to share.

Can you believe these are drawings! If you’d like to learn more about Kelly Smith and explore more of her work check out her blog Birdy & Me.


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Hello I’m Chantal and I am addicted to coin purses!

From a young age I was fascinated with small, fabric coin purses. I now have an impressive collection of gorgeous coin purses – you know the sort with metal frames that your Nanna might own. As a true addict, I won’t say exactly how many I have but enough that I had to buy special storage boxes to keep them all safe!

The dilemma is that they are rare and hard to find, especially here in Australia! There are an impressive amount on Etsy and Made-It but often the fabrics don’t appeal to me much. There are a number of free and commercial coin purse sewing patterns out there, some that seem easy and some that are very fiddly and difficult. I bought a rather difficult pattern online ( won’t say where from) and managed to create this:

This was such a difficult pattern to follow,  that I’ve been reluctant to try another! Although today I stumbled upon some coin purse beauties which may have inspired me again to give it another go!

I love these coin purses made by Karyn @ theworkroom.ca The pleating is such a nice detail:

I love the pairing of fabrics for both the outside and inside of each purse. Such a great way to use up fabric scraps and fat quarters.

So my mission is to now find an easier and hopefully free pattern to use. I will let you know how I go and post my end results if I have success. Check out more of these gorgeous coin purses here.

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It’s raining here today and I love it! I slept in late and I’ve spent the afternoon listening to music and blog-hunting.

Which is whyI’m sending out some blog love to the House of Turquoise. Not only is it a blog all about my favourite colour but it also has beautiful style and design ideas. All of the following images are featured on the blog.

See more of Suzanne’s house here.

I think Margot Austin’s house is my favourite though. It’s actually designed as a teenager’s bedroom! I’m sure I could act like a teen again, if this is where I get to gossip with my friends, study for my assignments and whisper about boys!

Finally just a little shout out to this gorgeous little desk space. The wallpaper is to die for!

Be sure to show some blog love at House of Turquoise.

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I love the vintage style of  Susannah Tucker.

Lose yourself in a Daydream in her Etsy Shop

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Today I went and saw the amazing movie Avatar and now I am feeling very creatively inspired.

I then stumbled upon the work of Audrey Kawasaki. Her work is a variety of contrasts, innocent yet erotic. Most of her work is oil on wood and the detail in each piece is simply breathtaking.

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I love both vintage and eclectic styles of  interior decorating and the Apartment Therapy blog gets my heart racing! Here are some of my fave interior-style finds:

Apartment Therapy

Love, love, love the print on the wall:

This wallpaper is to die for and love the combination of colours:

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I am loving these gorgeous card wallets that I found by BCharmer on Etsy. Gorgeous fabrics combined with a unique triangular shaped flap = LOVE! BCharmer is on holidays at the moment, but as soon as she’s back I am going to buy one of these adorable purses.

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